Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And now...

      ...i did this cartoon on the tenth anniversary on 911...i had read that cartoonist (professionals) were going to do tribute cartoons to 911 for the tenth anniversary...09/11/11...i had just recently decided to become a cartoonist (01/28/11) & chase my dream...but when i read that the pro's were going to do tribute cartoons..i wondered 'how can you cartoon such a sad/tragic/ moment in our human existence ...there was no 'cartoon' for such a horrific moment in all of our lives as we all know i sat there at my table and just let the moment take me.....this is what appeared..looking up from ground zero at the remains of the towers...the loss of us - america - from the peace we all had enjoyed,knew, ...we would never be the same again...i remember being so depressed & sad after i was done with this drained,angered & just sad...i realized a cartoon didn't have to be a 'punch line or silly  drawing...i realized like all reflections cartoons are a way to express this place we call human...god bless us all & may we forever be grateful & love each other and remember how preciuos our time is here & now...god bless america.

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