Friday, September 7, 2012

AND NOW...change your life

     I started a Dirt garden in July. Initially I was going to grow sunflowers, I had done this a year or so and enjoyed their appearing, but then I remembered how they would look at me if I didn’t water them. I felt the guilt of being responsible to “take care of them”…it was nice when it would rain ,they look at me and think..”Wow he’s not stopping feeding us ..”…but if a day or two went by with no watering they’d appear to be sad las if  “what did we do not to get cared for ?”…so with all this , even thought I’d bought seeds to plant and started turning the dirt to grow them  ,I founf myself having fun just  digging the dirt…that’s when it hit me..i would make a dirt garden..And did…nothing grows there…I pull up the weeds & flowers…all seems to enjoy the non judgment and I even sweep it to ground level. For a time a local cat began using it for a liter box…this began to irritate me and I started to “protect “ my dirt garden…well this was creating stress that the original reason for having a dirt garden would be to relieve…then I realized…just clean up the mess and return the Dirt garden back to nothing  (this became known as “cat crap Zen”…when it’s nothing .. The Dirt garden can be everything…this was the key that opened up a stress free reality…amazing changes have occurred since the beginning of my Dirt garden.. By letting go of everything one achieves all they need (insight=we all have everything we need already)…all this happened with ease…my suggestion is start a Dirt garden..You don’t need much space..if you live in an apartment get a box and put some earth in it…you won’t believe the calm it will change your life   effortlessly and  forever bring you joy. Try it for a month and see what happens                                 

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